Scotch Street Vintage Where You Can Find a Little Vintage for Modern Life

In early 2013 I had a big problem. At age 38 my family photography business was becoming a painful endeavor. Holding a camera for 6 hours straight , for multiple family shoots, several times a week was crippling my hands with pain. Add on hours of editing for each shoot and my poor hands were getting the better of me. I was no longer enjoying what I did for a living but dreading it and the way my hands would feel at the end of the day. As a wife and mother of two I treasured my career for the flexibility it offered me. And in all honesty it was mine something I think a lot of stay at home moms, like myself, long for. How can I give this up and how could I replace it?

Then one day while out "treasure hunting" in antique stores with my mom, as it has happened so many times in my life, my mother gave me the answer. She looked at me and said this is what you do. She then went into an argument that sounded like she had been crafting it for months. Etsy has a vintage section and you know ETSY (at the time I had an artistic photography shop on ETSY). You have an incredible eye for vintage. You love researching. You love refurbishing things. You love finding things for other people. My reaction was you are nuts! But she had planted a seed that quickly started growing.

Within months I had acquired an inventory of high end vintage items that I had thoroughly researched and evaluated. I opened Scotch Street Vintage, started listing and never looked back. I had so much to learn but that was the exciting part there were always going to be new things to learn. I was using my photography skills but without the grueling hours that left me in pain. And the stories, oh my gosh the wonderful stories I would learn about so many of the items. The love behind the years the items had been owned by someone and the love items would find in their new homes. That is the love of vintage and how it loved me back.

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